Do I need a Mobile App?

As a Prestashop eCommerce merchant do I need a Prestashop Mobile App? The answer is definitely yes!

Mobile commerce has already overtaken standard PC usage in year 2013 and with 2 in every 3 consumer using their smartphone to place an order you are already waaaay behind your competitors and loosing a lot of customers if you still don’t have a mobile app for Prestashop or your ecommerce store. Some of the recent statistics on mobile app usage:-

  • 68% of consumers made purchase through their smartphone in the past 6 months.
  • A customer performs 11-12 steps to make a purchase on a standard ecommerce website compared to 5-6 steps required to make a purchase on a standard mobile app.
  • Fashion and clothing category is the most used on mobile phone, followed by electronics and grocery.

Your Prestashop Mobile App does not have to be complicated software, in fact it should be exactly the opposite, as simple as possible.

-Your users should be able to browse your catalog and view your products. Your product display should be image rich as mobile browsing is today’s generation’s favorite way of window-shopping.

-You should have basket/shopping cart feature and simple checkout process to encourage buying and impulsive shopping.

-Banners and offer zones to clear the inventory.

-All this need to be synchronized with your web store and should be able to be managed from same admin.

Building something like this involves writing web services for sending and receiving data from your web store and admin to the mobile app and coding in native iOs and Android for the mobile app. You can go for windows app also but as these are two of the most widely used smartphone platform’s covering nearly 90% of the smartphone market and it’s best to first spend and set-up for iOs and Android and then go for windows.

If you to develop a system like this from scratch for your web store it will cost a bomb. The webservices is a specialised set of programming skill a good chunk of regular developers are not familiar with and good webservices developers are expensive and hard to find. Along with this you would need your native iOs and Android developers to work together which is a task in itself.

mCartApp is a complete readymade mCommerce system with webservices and native iOs and Android code that works directly with your Prestashop and Woocommerce web-store. This is the world’s most cost-effective mobile software for your Prestashop and Woocommerce web-store starting at only $299 per web-store. The system is built as a module/plugin. You do not need any technical knowledge to set this up. You just have to install the module/plugin in regular way from the admin backend and enter your access keys in admin and database details in the mobile app code and you are ready to go. mCartApp has a simple and a usable design and can be further customised as per your store requirement.

Now you don’t have a reason not to have a mobile app for you store. Contact Us today to get a demo of mCartApp and go Mobile today.

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