Looking to convert your Woocommerce to mobile app? It is passe to say that a mobile app is an absolute requirement today for all online businesses and more important for stores that sell products. If you already don’t have mobile apps for your business you are most probably looking to set-up mobile apps and are finding it difficult to sustain in today’s cutthroat competition – Your competitor already has mobile apps and is taking a major chunk of your business pie.

In 2017 you have a lot of different types of solutions available to setup your mobile apps and it is not very difficult or expensive to setup your apps the way it was a couple of years ago. However these multiple solutions have bought across a new difficulty – for an average store owner who is not techie himself and does not have an in-house team hired full-time it is very very difficult to find and use the right solution for converting their woocommerce to mobile app. There are solutions available from few dollars to few thousand dollars and so many techie terminology that i’ll need to do another degree to understand them:)

Core mobile apps that you see on app stores are Native mobile apps. Native mobile apps are built using Java for Android and objective c or SWIFT for ios. Native mobile apps are best and have tightest integration with their respective os I.e. ios or android

I have compiled a list of different solutions available in market for woocommerce to mobile apps with all their pros and cons to make it easier for business owners to decide the right solution as per their need and budget.

Woocommerce Mobile apps maker – These are simply websites in disguise. These woocommerce mobile apps maker simply pickup your website code and just reformat it in a mobile app like UI. Your website opens like a mobile app in a native wrapper. You will find a lot of such woocommerce mobile apps maker software either as desktop installation or hosted solution for pricing as low as $50 but it’s better to stick with responsive website instead of this. Going for such an option is not only waste of $50 or any such amount bit waste of your time as well.

Hybrid woocommerce mobile apps with source – Hybrid mobile apps are mobile apps that are built using a technology different than native I.e Java, c or SWIFT. They use technology like html5, JavaScript that works across both the OS. This is the only advantage they offer. Another advantage is that as these apps come with source so you are sure that no one can hold you hostage in future and you can make changes to the app as and when you want. However hybrid apps performance has always been question. Also hybrid apps do not support many native features. There is also a possibility that in future new versions of Android and iOS there maybe more features that may not be supported by hybrid frameworks and many hybrid frameworks have gone obsolete in the past few years. There are hybrid woocommerce mobile apps available in market from $100 – $500 per platfrom with default design( custom design will generally cost extra). This maybe a low cost option but risky and more expensive in long run.

Hybrid woocommerce mobile apps on SAAS/monthly rental option – another one of cheapest option with small upfront setup cost of $50-300 and monthly charges varying from $10-$100 per month. This option comes with all the risks associated with the hybrid mobile apps option plus you don’t have or own the source code so your provider can hold you to ransom anytime plus you can never make any custom design or feature changes to your website.

Plugin based woocommerce mobile apps – woocommerce provides it’s own official REST services for mobile apps or other 3rd party applications that requests data from woocommerce. If any provider is adding an additional plugin then they are most probably not using official woocommerce api and have written their own webservices for the mobile app, some providers add more functionality for making few UI changes to the app however both the reasons for plugin are irrelevant and will have negative impact on the performance of both your store and mobile apps. If a provider mentions adding plugin to activate mobile apps then run far away from him. Be it hosted or source based version.

There are few woocommerce mobile apps available on marketplaces which seem to have most of the below positive technical requirement and are offered at pretty good price – however on closer look the primary issues that come up are features I.e most of these apps dont support all core woocommerce features and 2nd but more important is support. I have seen client following up 100’s of time to get support with no response from seller whose only interest seemed to somehow just get the client to pay and then disappear.

The best solution for your mobile app should

  • Be Native App
  • use Official REST Api’s
  • Should come with source
  • Should not add a plugin to your WordPress installation.
  • Should provide good after sales support
  • You should have flexibility for customizing design as per your store.

mCartApp is all these are more. If you are looking to convert your woocommerce store to mobile app then contact us today.